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Definition: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS is training , research and scientific institution tackling zakat jurisprudence and its contemporary issues.

Vision: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS endeavors to elevate and dignify Zakat ,development of its institutions’ capabilities ,a center for the renewal of its jurisprudence and its contemporary applications.

The message: To enable scientific research to gain Zakat Faigh  , expand and promote capacity building in Zakat field .

HR managers Forum

 The concepts and terminology of  work such as personnel affairs, administrative affairs are evolved to   Human Resources Management  because the man has become the most important resource in the system of  work, thus rehabilitation and training human being  leads to business success and vice versa.
This year  (2016) is  the beginning of SZC   organizational structure and job descriptions  which  introduced HR administration that includes   personnel affairs  and officers of the service affairs depts.

. And for  the great role played by the human resources management in achieving the goals of the institution, it was necessary for us to start our yea with  this forum for human resources managers.
Based on this, On Thursday, 7 Rajab 1437 H corresponding to 04/14/2016
 Institute of Zakat Science hosted represented by General Directorate of Training and Community Development HR managers and personnel affairs Forum under the title: Human Resources is the  pillar of institutional work, at the Conference Hall in Institute of Zakat Science.

 The objectives of the forum:
1. To provide participants with the necessary  knowledge, skills of human resources.
2. The role of human resources dept. in developing  performance and achieve the objectives of the institution .
3. Reviewing recent developments in SZC with respect to the structures and job descriptions.
4. Discussing SZC  personnel issues related to professional performance and development of its  human resources .
 The  three scientific papers  of the forum are :
• The first paper: the concept of human resources its origin , evolution and functions  .
 Prepared and delivered by : Dr. / Tom Al - Batary - Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Administrative Reform.
 Discussio by n : Dr. / Mohiuddin Sideeq - International University of Africa
• The second paper: The  organizational and functional structure of SZC (stages of development and current status).
 Prepared  and delivered: Dr. / Omar Hassan al-Bashir - national experts Center.
 Discussion  by :
1. d / Mukhtar Osman friend - Sudan University of Science and Technology
2. A / Zaki Abakar  - Director of SZC Personnel .
The third paper: planning and implementation of training at SZC  - forecasting  vision
• (current situation analysis, development proposals)
Prepared  and delivered : Dr. / Siddiq Ahmad Abdul Rahim - General Director of the Training and Community Development Department.
 Debaters of  third of the paper:
1. Dr. / Mohammed Suleiman - remote Training Manager.
2. Ustaz  / Adam Mukhtar - Director General of the Zakat propagation at SZC General Trusteeship.
Through discussion and deliberation the  forum came out with several recommendations, including:

1) Developing  a comprehensive and objective system for assessing the performance of human resources and the support  the  managers,heads of departments and sections for application of this system objectively and effectively.

2) Creating and providing the environmental conditions that develop loyalty among the human resources towards the  organization and make them feel that they are an important part of the entity in the organization and that their future is linked to the progress and growth of the organization's future.
3) Educating , training, and human resources  permanently.
4) Attracting  the best and the most suitable human resources  available and available in the labor market.
5) Developing a comprehensive and effective  workers' compensation and incentives  system that achieve the needs , requirements, and the hopes of human resources.
6) Updating and activating the regulations of  training.

7) Activating the role of planning secretariats and departments to participate in the training plan.
8) Identification of training needs: it must determine in accordance with the actual needs, taking into account the priorities and the involvement of all stakeholders in the secretariats and departments in this work, the choice of specific courses each year without actual study   and evaluation of  the former makes the training courses a routine function and thus weakening the yield from it.
9) Accelerating  the work of the new staffing structure and hire workers according to their specialties so as Training Department can  provide a proper dose of training which connected  to each worker.
10) Accuracy in the selection of candidates in accordance with the general and specific standards and not to nominate employees to a course he / she already took .
11) Be aware of the output of the assessment and measurement, the formation  of a Committee  or a Council for  measurement and evaluation, similar to measurement Council for  Zakat beneficiaries  .

12)To take advantage of modern systems in remote training and considering the  Institute's experience in this regard.

SZC  Trustee-General Muhammad Abdul Raziq Mukhtar has  addressed the audience at the end of the forum and he  thanked the audience for their  participation  and promised to follow up the forum's  recommendations.

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