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Definition: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS is training , research and scientific institution tackling zakat jurisprudence and its contemporary issues.

Vision: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS endeavors to elevate and dignify Zakat ,development of its institutions’ capabilities ,a center for the renewal of its jurisprudence and its contemporary applications.

The message: To enable scientific research to gain Zakat Faigh  , expand and promote capacity building in Zakat field .

Qualifying inevitable session for the year 2016

 Training dept. has organized  qualifying inevitable session  targeted SZC fresh  workers . The  program aims to define the Zakat jurisprudence , its  importance and its  contemporary issues. The program also  deepening the behavioral and ethical values required of Zakat staff , provides participants with the necessary skills in the field of human relations, public and provide participants with the necessary skills in the field of human relations, public relations, necessary supervisory  skills of management  as well  report  and memos writing skills , evaluation of productive micro and small enterprises  skills, supervisory  leadership ,  the reference  of  SZC  legal authority  and regulations governing its  work . Moreover the program  provides participants with information on the nature of the work of the SZC,  its objectives, its laws, its regulations, it jurisprudence reference  , organizational and  administrative structure and its conditions of service

The program also  contains several dimensions  in jurisprudence and Zakat propagations  which includes Zakat definition  , the difference between Zkat  and the charity, the authority  of Zakat , its obligatory  evidence , the terms of the Zakat-payer and the terms of  Zakatable property ,  the  State authority over Zakat   , the intention  paying Zakat , the agency in paying Zakat ,the  methods of collection and disbursement of Zakat, the study of doctrinal texts of  Zakat contained in the in the Quran and Sunnah and inference of  jurists , purposes of Islamic law of Zakat, contemporary issues in Zakat, the qualities and ethics of SZC staff  , the jurisprudence of the Islamic call its  pillars , its methods ,  terms of  the preacher .  In addition to  management , accounting  and  economy, which includes the concept of management its procedures  ,financial management systems, effective communication, the role of public relations in achieving  Zakat objectives , methods of collecting and analyzing

information, office management, preparing and writing reports, developing team  work and the dynamics of the group, methods and techniques  of measuring public opinion , mobilizing  popular efforts, conduct interviews, crisis and disaster management, Zakat  accounting principles, SZC establishment  and evolution , its  organizational and administrative  structure , its staff service conditions, the economics of zakat, the economic impact of Zakat, the definition of small enterprises .
 The Session-based methods are lectures, field visits, seminars and presentations

Systems and techs of enterprises

Training and Community Development