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Definition: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS is training , research and scientific institution tackling zakat jurisprudence and its contemporary issues.

Vision: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS endeavors to elevate and dignify Zakat ,development of its institutions’ capabilities ,a center for the renewal of its jurisprudence and its contemporary applications.

The message: To enable scientific research to gain Zakat Faigh  , expand and promote capacity building in Zakat field .

Course of applied systems of public service and social security laws

Institute  of zakat Sciences IZS has organized in collaboration with the Arab Center for Social Insurance -Khartoum  the training course on applied systems of the laws of the civil service  and social insurance for workers  of Zakat Chamber .  The course has included several concepts in social protection , the development of labor legislation ,social security and the law and regulation  of the National Civil Service  . In addition to Law and  regulation  of employees accountability . Moreover the course shed a light  on the Law  of labor , duties ,obligations  of  the employer , the procedures for registration and payment of social insurance , insurance benefits and general features of the law of health insurance services .

Systems and techs of enterprises

Training and Community Development