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Definition: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS is training , research and scientific institution tackling zakat jurisprudence and its contemporary issues.

Vision: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS endeavors to elevate and dignify Zakat ,development of its institutions’ capabilities ,a center for the renewal of its jurisprudence and its contemporary applications.

The message: To enable scientific research to gain Zakat Faigh  , expand and promote capacity building in Zakat field .

Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute of Zakat Science and Bint Al - Balad charitable organization

 Allah said: (( cooperate in virtue, righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and aggression))
SZC Trustee - General Muhammad Abdul Raziq Mukhtar Chamber and  Chairman of the Board of Directors of  Institute of Zakat Science  and Mrs. Lailah Muhammad Ali chairman Bint Al- Balad  Charity Organization and Mrs. Amal Bili, Minister of Social Affairs of Khartoum State and  Dr. / Nasreddin Fadl  Mawla Muhammad,

director  general  of the Institute are attended the  signing of the MOU between :The first party: -  SZC  General Trusteeship  represented b Maher  Al – Ameen director of   general administration . The second party: the Institute of Zakat Science and represented by: a. Dr.. NasreddinFadl Amawla  - Director General of the Institute . The third party  : Bint Al- Balad  Charity: Organization  represented by Lailah Muhammad  Ali  chairman  of the Board of Directors .  The three parties belief of the importance of human development and increase of  production to improve the living conditions of poor households and contains the phenomenon of poverty and mitigates it , especially in poor rural communities, or those on the margins of cities.  According to the parties  interests of  weak segments and achieve their goals . The parties desire to  develop  programs to address  poor families conditions  in those areas through productive training mechanism (production  training courses). Accordingly, the three parties have agreed to cooperate with each other to

 Implement   the goals and programs agreed upon in this memorandum of understanding .
Firstly: the  targeted  groups  are : -
1. Poor women.
2. Poor graduates girls who did not find a job .
3. Rural women.
4Women with special needs .
• Secondly: Objectives: -
1.Training targeted women and development of their  technical and practical skills to manage small enterprises that   generate income to improve their living conditions.
2,Capacity build and develop their abilities (depending on qualifications) to provide decent living.
3. Dissemination of culture of self-employment among the targeted groups.
4. Effective partnership in the concerns and issues of the nation , and raise community awareness of the issues and concerns of the poor women in those areas and to highlight their abilities.
5. The development of an effective partnership between the parties in the areas of
productive training.                                                                                                  

 Thirdly: The programs agreed upon: -
Parties agreed on the implementation of the following training programs in accordance with the schedule below and programs are: -
1. dairy products.
2. printing on fabrics.
3. Traditional perfumes.
4. Accessory fo women r decoration.
5.  Modern perfumes .
6. Cookies  and pastries
7. leather products .
8. liquid soap.
9. household artifacts.
10. recycling waste paper.
11. The food processing and food alternatives.

Systems and techs of enterprises

Training and Community Development