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Opening leather products course

The  micro and small enterprises  division at IZS   has launched  the leather products  course in cooperation with   Shumous  organization  for women with disabilities . Mr.  Abdul Qader Ibrahim, director of IZS projects  division has  addressed the session . He  described the role of the projects’ division is helping  vulnerable segments  to acquire  skills necessary for the labor market through courses organized by the division to bring out those segments  from  poverty line and  to become productive segments.  The session also addressed by  Badr al-Din Muhammad Hassan

the representative of the Minister of Guidance and social welfare who praised  the role of  IZS in helping   vulnerable segments  in order to become  productive segments  through training and rehabilitation . The session also attended by  Mrs.  Badriah Muhammad Hassan the  representative of the Secretary-General of  Union of Sudanese Women and Ms. Um Hassan Qasim Diab, Director of the Economic Department of the General Union of Sudanese Women . The course  will continue  from 05/19/2013 till 30/05/2013 at IZS  premises .