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Definition: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS is training , research and scientific institution tackling zakat jurisprudence and its contemporary issues.

Vision: Institute of Zakat sciences IZS endeavors to elevate and dignify Zakat ,development of its institutions’ capabilities ,a center for the renewal of its jurisprudence and its contemporary applications.

The message: To enable scientific research to gain Zakat Faigh  , expand and promote capacity building in Zakat field .

State and civil society initiatives to ward off the effects of social policies

Socio-economic Dialogue  organizes the second  socio-economic Forum under  title ‘’ the state and civil society initiatives for  the prevention of social impacts of   economic policies. Ustaz Muhammad Abdullah Alghabshawi , Ustaz Abdul Moneim Awad Atta al-Mannan and and  Ustazah  Patoul will deliver papers on Thursday, 27 / February / 2014 at IZS  Conference Hall IZS  will be broadcast  the forum  live on the Institute site.

Systems and techs of enterprises

Training and Community Development