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Institute Zakat Science and Djibouti Zakat Chamber agree to cooperate in scientific research and training fields

A memorandum of understanding has been  signed for scientific research and training cooperation between the Institute of Zakat Science  and Djibouti Zakat Chamber  at  Coral Hotel - Khartoum during the Special training  Session of the technical and organizational arrangements of for the collection of zakat with the participation of a number of Arab countries and SZC Zakat collectors  . The memorandum of understanding includes   the areas of Zakat doctrine, and upgrading rite of Zakat . It  shall   be the nucleus of a joint work  and cooperation in all areas of Zakat, training , scientific, technology and culture.  Dr. Sidiq  Abdul –Rahiem  signed on behalf of the Institute of Zakat Science the acting  director of the Institute of Zakat Science and Ustaz Imlmi Nur Jami on behalf of Djibouti  Zakat Chamber .  It was worth mentioned the agreement was signed in the presence of Dr. Ballah Al Sadiq acting SZC Trustee - General and general manager of collection planning dept.  and general manager of  Zakat propagation  and  the representative of the Islamic Institute for Training and Research  (Jeddah).